Updated on the 20th of May 2015.
On this page there are going to be descripted the procedures of the management of the site related to the consent to the use of users’ personal data.
This privacy statement is provided pursuant to Section. 13 of the legislative decree n. 196/2003 - Regulations regarding the protection of personal data for those who interact with the services of this website.


 Clan Milano
Via Agostino Bertani, 2 – 20154 Milano (Mi) – Italy
The Data Controller is responsible for this privacy policy.
For any inquiries and/or to exercise your rights under Section 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03, you can write to the email address indicated above.
Because the installation of cookies and other tracking systems used by third parties through the services utilized inside this website cannot be technically controlled by the title holder, every specific reference to cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties must be considered indicative. In order to obtain complete information, you can consult the privacy policy of the potential third services listed on this document.
Given the objective complexity connected to the identification of the technologies based on cookies and their tight link with the web operation, the user is exhorted to contact the title holder in the case he would like to receive some in-depth analysis regarding the use of cookies and their possible uses made through this site (by means of third parties for example).
This information is provided only for this website and not for other sites which may be accessed via links.
This provision of information is also influenced by Recommendation No. 2/2001, as adopted on 17 May 2001,  issued by the European authorities for the protection of personal data. A specific Group was  established by Art. 29 of Directive No. 95/46/EC, to identify some minimum requirements for the collection of personal data online and, in particular, the manner, timing and nature of the information that data controllers must provide to users when the latter connect to web pages, regardless of the purpose of their connection.
Progressively the following points will be clarified:
    •    The types of data that could be gathered;
    •    How and for what purpose will the personal data be used;
    •    If it is obligatory or optional to give your personal data;
    •    The consequences of a potential refusal to give your personal data;
    •    To whom will your personal data be given or communicated;
    •    The users’ rights.

Among the data collected by this website (automatically or by means of third parties) could be found:

During their normal mode of operation the informatics systems and the software procedures, designated for the operation of this website, obtain some personal data which transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet communication’s protocols.
It concerns information that are not collected with the purpose of associating them with specific individuals, but that, because of their own nature, could lead to the identification of the users through elaborations and associations with data collected by third parties.

This category includes: IP addresses or domain names of computers used to connect to the website, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, numerical code indicating the server response status (successful, error etc.) and other parameters pertaining to the user's operating system and IT environment.

The only purpose for the use of this data is to collect statistic information regarding the use of the website and its correct functioning and it is deleted immediately after its elaboration. The data could be utilized to verify the responsibility in case of hypothetical  informatics felonies against the website: except for this eventuality, the data regarding the web contacts does not last more than seven days.


Among the data voluntarily given by the user to this website there could be: Email, Name, Surname, Username, Password, Image, Sex, Date of Birth, Telephone Number, Region, State, Nation, Post Code, City, Profession, VAT Number, Tax Code, Business Name, Office Address, Address and Fax Number, Data of Use, Cookies.
The optional, explicit or volunteer forward of email to the addresses linked to this site will determine the successive acquisition of the user’s email address (which is necessary to answer to the requests) and of the other possible personal data voluntarily included in the message.
Further specific synthetic information, where applicable, may be shown or displayed on request in web pages dedicated to particular services.
A failure by the User to supply certain personal data may hinder this Website in providing its services.
You, the User, are responsible for the personal data of third parties published or shared through this website and you warrant that you have the right to communicate or disseminate them, exempting the owner from any liability towards third parties.


The Data Controller will process user personal data by means of appropriate security measures dedicated to the prevention of human access and the disclosure, alteration or unauthorised destruction of personal data.
The processing is carried out using software and/or Information Technology resources, within organisational procedures and logical structures strictly related and limited to the purposes indicated. In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases, other parties may have access to stored personal data. These include appointed external categories (such as third party technical service providers, mail couriers, hosting providers, IT companies and communications agencies) which may, if necessary, be nominated by the Data Controller to be responsible for personal data handling. The updated list of Data Handlers may be requested from the Data Controller.

Personal data is processed in the operational headquarters of the Data Controller and in any other location hosting parties involved in the processing of personal data. For further information, please contact the Data Controller.

Data is processed for the period necessary to provide the service to the User, or during the time required for the purposes described in this document. The User may, at any time, request discontinuation of the processing or deletion of the data.


The user’s personal data is gathered to make the title holder able to give his services, as for some of the following purposes:
    •    Protection against SPAM;
    •    Contents comment;
    •    Registration and authentication;
    •    Statistics;
    •    Interactions based on the position;
    •    Visualization of contents from external platforms;
    •    To contact the user;
    •    Addresses management and to send emails;
    •    Interaction with Social Networks and external platforms;

The communication of personal data is not obligatory, except for the use of the contact form or for the possible need to register to the site in order to benefit from the services.
In those two cases the failed communication of the compulsory personal data could result in a block of the use functionality of the contact form and/or of the registration procedure.

The data provided during the registration phase is not given to any third parties. Their collection is only used to send informative emails.

User's personal data may be used by the Data Controller for defence in court or in the stages leading to possible legal action, against improper use by the User of these or related services.
The User declares to be aware that the Data Controller may be required to disclose information if requested by the public authorities.
The types of personal data used for each purpose are shown in the "About the processing of personal data" section of this document.

Cookies are pieces of code installed in the browser that assist in providing the service according to the purposes described. In some cases, the installation of cookies may also require the user's consent.

Cookies are required to enable navigation or to provide a service requested by the user. They are not used for other purposes and they are normally directly installed by the operator of the website. Without the use of these cookies, some operations may not be performed.
User  prior consent is not required for the installation of these cookies, while, as specified by Section 13 of the Code, it remains obligatory for the site operator to  provide the relevant information, in the most appropriate manner, if these are the only such devices used.

These are cookies used to track the user's navigation in the network and to create profiles on his/her tastes, habits, choices, etc. These cookies can be used to transmit advertising messages to the user's computer in line with preferences expressed by the user while navigating online.

They are referenced by Section 122 of the Code which prescribes that "the storage of information in the terminal equipment of a subscriber  or a user or access to information already stored therein, is only allowed on condition that the subscriber or user has given his consent, having being informed by means the simplified procedures provided for in Section 13, paragraph 3 "(Section 122, paragraph 1, of the Code).

The data collected does not identify the site navigator, but is used only to obtain statistical information about navigation: page viewed, time spent on the site, browser used, geographic data.

Should the user wish to deny the installation of Google Analytics cookies on his/her terminal, this add-on may be installed in the browser.

Users’ rights

The users’ to which the personal data are related to have the right to obtain the confirmation of their possible existence from the title holder, they have the right to know their content and origin, to verify their precision,  to request their integration, cancellation, update, adjustment, anonymous transformation or block of the personal data which are processed in a way that is against the law. They also can oppose themselves (for legitimate reasons) to the process of their personal data.
The requests must be forwarded to the processing title holder following the procedures reported above.

As an addition to what has been said in this document, the user can manage the cookies preferences inside his browser and for example prevent possible third parties from installing them.
Through the browser’s preferences it is possible to delete the cookies that were installed in the past, including the cookie in which it is possibly saved the consent to the installation of cookies by this site.
It is important to notice that by disabling all the cookies, this website’s correct functioning may be compromised.
It is possible to find information on how to manage cookies on your own browser on the following addresses:
    •    Chrome: digit chrome://settings/content  on the address bar in order to modify the cookies settings.
    •    Safari: select the voice “Preferences” then choose “Privacy”. Specify how Safari should accept the Cookies from the websites in the Block Cookie section.
    •     Safari Mobile: go to the voice “Settings” on the device and find “Safari” on the menu on the left. You can manage the cookies settings from the voice “Privacy and Security”.
    •    Firefox: click on the voice “Tools” on the menu bar and then click on “Options”. Access to the “Privacy”  settings to modify the cookies preferences.
    •    Internet Explorer: click on the voice “Tools” on the menu bar, then click on “Internet Options”. Access to the “Privacy” settings to modify the cookies preferences.
    •    To disable the external services’ cookies it is necessary to modify their settings.

Shown below there are the main services used, for all the others the user is kindly asked to see the list of the services in the “IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS ABOUT THE USER’S PERSONA DALA PROCESSING” section, and to access the single policies to disable the Cookies:
- Google
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Pinterest
- YouTube

IN-depth analysis about the user’s personal data PROCESSING and the cookies used
Following you will find the detailed explanation of the purposes for which personal data could  be requested and the services used for the collection of the same data:

Services that analyze the traffic of this website, which could contain users’ personal data, in order to filter the sections of traffic, messages or contents identified as SPAM.

Akismet: Akismet is a protection from SPAM service provided by Automattic Inc. Personal Data collected: Various types of data collected, as specified in the privacy policy of the service. Place of process: USA – Privacy Policy

By registering the user gives the website his consent to identify him and give him access to the dedicated services.
The registration and authentication services could be provided through third parties.
In the case they are given through third parties, this website could access to some data kept by the third service used for the registration or the identification.

Direct registration – The user registers himself by filling out the registration form and by giving hid personal data directly to this website. Personal Data collected: Zip Code, City, Fiscal Code, Name, Surname, Email, Address, Nation, Telephone Number, VAT Number, Password, Region, Company Name, Work Headquarters, State, Username and other types of data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.

Services that permit the title holder of the treatment to analyze and supervise the traffic data, they are used to keep track of the user’s behavior.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the collected personal data to track and analyze the use of this application, to fill out reports and to share them with the other services developed by Google. In this website Google Analytics has been set up in order to make the user’s IP address anonymous. Personal Data collected: Cookies and Use data. Place of process: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy.

Not continuous geo-localization  - The user’s geographic localization is not continuous, as specifically requested by the user: in other words when the user does not indicate in the specific field his location and allow the application the automatic survey of the location. Personal Data collected: geographic position.

Services that make it possible to visualize and interact with contents hosted on external platforms directly from this website’s pages.
In the case in which this type of service is installed it is possible that this service may collect traffic data related to the page in which it is installed, even if the users do not use this service.

Google Fonts – Google Fonts is a service used to visualize different kind of fonts managed by Google Inc. which permits this website to integrate those contents inside its pages. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Location and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Video Vimeo- Vimeo is a video content visualizing service managed by Vimeo, LLC, which permits this site to integrate those contents inside its pages. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Widget Google Maps- Google Maps is a map visualizing service managed by Google Inc. which permits this site to integrate those contents inside its pages. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Location and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Widget Video YouTube – YouTube is a video contents visualizing service managed by Google Inc. which permits this site to integrate those contents inside its pages. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Location and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy

Services that permit to manage a email contacts database, telephonic contacts or any other kind of contacts used to communicate with the user.
They may allow the collection of data regarding the date and hour of the user’s visualization of the messages, as well as his interaction with those (like the information regarding clicking on the links in the messages).

By registering to the mailing list or to the newsletter the user’s email address is automatically added to the list of contacts to which it will be possible to transmit emails containing information, of  commercial or promotional nature, related to this Website. The user’s email address may be added to that list as a result to the subscription to this website or after purchasing something.
Personal Data Collected: Zip Code, City, Name, Surname, Cookie, Date of Birth, Email, Nation, Telephone Number, Profession, Region, Sex, State.

By filling out with information the contact form the user agrees to its use in order to answer to the information requests,  the estimate requests and any other type of request indicated on the header of the form.
Personal Data Collected: Zip Code, Surname, Name, Date of Birth, Email, Address, Nation, Fax, Telephone Number, VAT number, Profession, Region, Company Name, Sex, State and other types of data as specified on the service’s Privacy Policy.

Mailchimp – Mailchimp is an address management and message sending service managed by Mailchimp Inc. Personal Data Collected: Email. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Contact Form – The user agrees to the use of the data inserted in the contact form in order to answer to the requests regarding estimates, information or any other (indicated on the title of the form)

Services that permit to make interactions with the social networks or external platforms directly from this website.
Interactions and information which are acquired from this website are anyway subject to the user’s privacy settings related to every social network.
When there is a service of interaction with the social networks it is possible that this same service may gather traffic data related to the pages in which it is installed, even if the users do not use this service.

Google+ +1 button and social widget- Those are services of interaction with the Google+ social network provided by Google Inc. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
LinkedIn button and social widget – Those are services of interaction with the LinkedIn social network provided by LinkedIn Inc. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Facebook like button and social widget - Those are services of interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook Inc. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Twitter tweet button and social widget -  Those are services of interaction with the Twitter social network provided by Twitter Inc. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Pinterest “Pin it” button and social widget – Those are services of interaction with the Pinterest social network provided by Pinterest Inc. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Instagram button and social widget - Those are services of interaction with the Instagram social network provided by Instagram Inc. Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place and processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy
Share This – This is a service that allows to share the contents on the many social platforms – Privacy policy

With the notice that those services are not always all necessary and because of that some of them could even not appear on the user’s computer during the surfing.

Advert_session – It is a service which makes it possible to share contents on the various social platforms among which there is Addvert. – Privacy Policy

Further information on the processing

This website and the other possible services that it uses may gather system’s Log in order to the correct functioning and maintenance. It consists on files that register interactions which may also contain personal data as the user’s IP address.

Further information may be requested in relation to the personal data processing to the title holder of the processing, by using the contact’s information reported above.

The processing title holder has the right to modify this privacy and cookie policy at any time, always informing the users on this page. For this reason you are kindly asked to consult this page frequently, always taking as reference the last modification date reported in the footnotes. If the user does not accept the alterations to this privacy and cookie policy, he will be obligated to stop using this website and, if he believes it necessary, he will ask the processing  title holder to remove his personal data. Except for what has been specified, the previous privacy policy and cookie policy will be applied to the users’ personal data gathered until this moment.